Naked Yoga – Is it For Me?

So you’ve tried Yoga and you’re pretty good at it, right? Your fairly confident at holding a very demanding yoga position, while breathing correctly, while thinking correctly and all in all you would consider yourself quite the a yoga guru, right? Well imagine all these benefits but with the added touch of being NAKED. That’s the trend that is sweeping the whole globe at the moment, with more and more naked yoga classes emerging than ever before. Why you ask, this is what I wanted to find out. best naked cams

Now the vision is that by practicing yoga with no clothes on it improves your yoga experience, develops your abilities and strengthens the unity with your mind, body and soul. On top of this it is believed that clothing appears to be in direct opposition to the goals of yoga. Yoga encourages and promotes unity and oneness, but by design, clothing reminds us of the ways in which we are different. So when we yoga naked we are believed to be in full acceptance of our bodies, we are more flexible and are in a more deepen spiritual state.

So I decided to give it a go, I mean all these benefits just by taking your clothes off why not right? Now I should state that are two ways to practice naked yoga, one is at home and the other is in a naked yoga class or group. I decided to start at home just for comfort reasons, but never disregarded the whole class idea.

I’ll be honest, when you first yoga in the nude it does feel a bit strange at first. I mean we don’t really get naked and do any activities apart from wash, right? But after the initial quirky feeling you get from seeing your body in its full glory it actually feels quite good. I felt a strong willingness to let go of many negative feelings around my body image and a real wanting to just accept my body for what it is, instead of what I wanted it to be. This I didn’t really feel with the traditional type.

The naked yoga gurus contend that this type of yoga enables you to have a more flexible yoga session. After giving it a go I would surely have to agree. Sometimes wearing clothes can restrict you from that really flexible asana that you’ve been trying so hard to perfect. For me this is the best type of yoga practice, although not mainstream yet, there is a real global “snowball effect” happening with more and more people giving it a go. I would really recommend someone tries this type of yoga at least in the comfort of your own home. For me it is an addition to traditional yoga as oppose to a replacement. Give it a go!

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