Choosing Names For a Handyman Business

Starting any kind of business requires the owner and his partners to come up with a brand name. This may not come easy, though, as you are competing with numerous businesses in your specific category. In almost any business today, there’s stiff competition the reason why it’s vital to provide a name that people will easily remember.

Ideally, coming up with a good business name requires some research and brain storming session from the owners if there’s more than one of them. The internet is one of the best ways to do your research of possible names for your handyman business. As many of this type of business operate online these days, it’s highly recommended to find out the most common and popular names in existence. You can also browse through domain registrars that list as well as buy and sell popular domain names or the website address of companies that have established an online presence. Handyman Services Oxford

An appropriate name for a handyman business is one that easily describes your business. As handyman is already very common, you can use words such as fix it, repairman and combine them with other words including your own name such as Handy Bob or Fix It Bert. Going the personalized route is the trend in business today.

However, you can always opt for a more formal name that uses your surname or even full name. Examples are Home Repair Services or Smith Handyman Services. In addition to these words, you can still add adjectives or descriptive terms such as reliable, budget and trusted to give potential clients a hint of the type of service you provide. So you can come up with a business name such as Reliable Home Repair Service or Stone’s Trusted Professional Handyman Services.

Try to be as creative but straightforward as much as possible. Think of something catchy but related to your business. The easier it is to recall, the better for your business. What counts is your personal preference and gut feel.

There’s even a handyman business that used a really unique name “Rent a Husband.” This was started by a former jobless man, Kaile Warren Jr., but who succeeded with his initiative. After three years in the business, Warren had 26 franchises in the U.S. and two in the U.K. He now has 400 employees and earns an estimated $8 million in revenue.

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